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BPW/PA is a statewide organization of 1100+ members in 42 local organizations and 11 districts throughout the state.  BPW/PA is a leading advocate for working women in our state.  We work on all issues that touch women's lives and careers.

  • Organized in 1919, the Pennsylvania Federation (BPW/PA) is one of the Charter Members of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.
  • Our organization was one of the first women's organizations to formally endorse the Equal Rights Amendment in 1937, and we have led the drive for ratification ever since.
  • Since its inception, the Pennsylvania Federation has initiated programs such as:  Luncheon Honoring Women in Government, National Business Women's Week Projects, Workshops for Women, Youth Conferences, Leadership Training and Mentoring.
  • BPW/PA has endorsed many financial projects including:  purchase of cancer research equipment, victims flood relief, scholarships, interest free loans to members and MATHCOUNTS.

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BPW/PA Equal Pay Day Quilt

In recognition of Equal Pay Day 2005, and to show solidarity for the fight to end wage discrimination, the Indiana, PA Business and Professional Women's Club initiated a quilt project know as "Stitching to Close the Gap - It Just Makes CENTS".  The project began in the Summer of 2004, when all local clubs in the BPW/PA Federation were asked to submit at least one quilt block.  The Quilt is comprised of 100 blocks from across Pennsylvania and is 12 feet x 12 feet in size.  The Quilt, which has no binding, will remain unfinished until equal pay has been achieved.  The Quilt was first displayed in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capital Building on April 19, 2005 - Equal Pay Day 2005 and remained on display in the Capital for the remainder of April 2005."

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