Business and Professional WOmen / Pennsylvania

2022 - 2023 Dates to Remember

July 1, 2022

* Deadline for the September Issue of THE KEY

August 5-6, 2022

*  BPW Summer Board Meeting- Hilton Garden Inn, 1221East College Avenue, State College PA

*  BPW/PA BOD Meeting

*  PA/BPW Foundation Meeting

*  EPW PA Meeting

August 26, 2022

* Women's Equality Day

October 2022

* Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1, 2022

* Deadline for the December Issue of THE KEY

October 6, 2022

* PA Conference for Women, Philadelphia, PA In Person Conference Virtual presented on October 7, 2022

October 16, 2022

* BPW Ecumenical Event, Location TBD

October 17-21, 2022

* National Business Women's Week (NBWW)

November 1, 2022

* Deadline for PA BPW Foundation Scholarship applications for Spring Semester

November 1, 2022

         Last day to apply for mail-in and civilian absentee ballots

November 8, 2022

* Election Day- GET OUT AND VOTE!

November 15, 2022

* Deadline for LO copies of Budget to District Finance Chair

December 2022

* Happy Holidays!

January 15, 2023

*  Deadline for BPW/PA Candidate Application to State Nomination Chair, Tiffanie Berger

*  Deadline for one copy of LO Budget and District Budget from District Finance Chair to BPW/PA Finance Chair, Nancy Thomas

*  Deadline for any proposed changes to the BPW/PA Bylaws to BPW/PA

Bylaws Chair, Donna M. Jones

February 2022

*  Foundation Month

*  Heart Awareness Month

National Cancer Prevention Month

February 1, 2023

* * Deadline for April Issue of THE KEY

February 15, 2023

* Deadline for LOs in Districts 1 and 2 to submit Bylaws to District Bylaws Chair Donna M. Jones

March 2023

* Women in History Month


*  BPW/PA Mid-Winter Board Meeting,

*  PA BPW Foundation Meeting

*EPW/PA Meeting

April 2, 2023

* Equal Pay Day

April 15, 2023

* LO Contest entries are due to the District Chairs for the following: Issues Manaqement, Leqislation, Membership, and Public Relations

April 16, 2023

* District Historians must send their LO Histories and their District History to BPW/PA Historian, Karen Schmiech-no earlier than April 16, 2023 and no later than April 30, 2023

*  All Donations to PA BPW Foundation must be received by PA BPW

*  Foundation Treasurer

May 1, 2023

* BPW /PA District Entries to BPW/PA Chairs are due (and postmarked) for the following:

*Issues Management      Nancy Werner

* Legislation   Janet Riordan

*Public Relations Ginny Bailey

*BPW Foundation entries are due (and postmarked) to Foundation Chair, Joyce Turn er. BPW Foundation entry form must be attached.

* All Materials/Photos for the District Individual Development and Young Careerist representatives are due to BPW/PA ID Chair, Michell Teague, And BPW/PA YC Chair, Lynlee Richmond

*  Deadline for PA BPW Foundation Scholarship Applications for Fall Semester Reports from District Directors, St anding and Special Committee Chairs are due

to the Convention Manual Editor, Donna E. Weinstein

May 15, 2023

*  All BPW/PA Chairs with contests must send a copy of their categories and winners to Issues Management Chair Nancy Werner, for the contest

winner booklets and to TBD for printing of the certificates for presentation at Convention.

* All remaining BPW/PA Standing and Special Committee Chairs are asked to

send a summary of the Districts' participation to BPW/PA Vice President, for the Eleanor Briner Award.

June 8-11, 2023

BPW/PA 103nd Annual State Convention, Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047

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