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     Welcome to the 2016 -2017 BPW/PA year!  It is an honor to be your BPW/PA Young Careerist Chair for another year. The Young Careerist Program is a primary program of BPW/PA and has been an integral part of our BPW membership since 1973. The Young Careerist Program provides our organization with new leadership, contemporary ideas, and modern visions for the future of BPW/PA, through our outstanding younger members.

     The mission of the Young Careerist Program is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these young women. Each local and district organization should utilize their younger members to provide valuable public relations, increase recognition of BPW within their communities, and to recruit new members.

     The Young Careerist Program helps us to prepare our future leaders of BPW/PA.  Please encourage the eligible young women in your local and district organizations to participate in this program.  It helps us to continue our journey and assists in the personal and professional growth of our members. Competition Guidelines can be found here 2016-2017 YC Competition Guidelines.doc

     Ensure that a complete Young Careerist application packet is submitted ELECTRONICALLY to the BPW/PA Young Careerist Chair by 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2017.  The application packet should include:BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SHEET(S).doc* a signed copy of the BPW Legislative Platform.doc support statement, your choice of speech topic that you will present at the BPW/PA 2017 Convention, and a digital photo (*.jpg preferred) of yourself. *[Please keep each page of the Biographical Information sheets in one document (*.PDF preferred).]

     Please feel free to contact me, anytime throughout the year, with any questions or concerns you may have about the program. Please help me to make this BPW/PA year a Stellar one for the Young Careerist Program!



Tiffanie Burger, Young Careerist Chair







Marilyn J. Tallant, BPW/PA President



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